HDG works closely with the residential clients to understand their vision
for their new home or renovation.  HDG understands the home is where our
life takes place and its spaces have impact.  Our goal is to bring the
client’s vision to life in their home.



The commercial realm of architecture combines the art and science of planning,
designing, and constructing forms and spaces that reflect the physical,
contextual, functional, social and aesthetic considerations of the project site. 
These aspects are present in both renovation and new construction.



Is the connection between the built structure and its environment. 
HDG carefully considers the form itself along with the social, ecological
and geologic conditions as the project is connected to its environment. 
These conditions include utilities, access, traffic, storm water, landscaping and parking.



Sharkeys Bistro and Cafe Commercial Architecture Restaurant Buildout Tallahassee

Through the manipulation of color, light, shadow and texture, with much
consideration to the objectives of the client, we strive to provide spaces
that are conducive to the functions of the space and the needs of the users.



Along with social, ecological and geologic conditions as the project is
connected to its environment; coastal projects require consideration of
sensitive ecosystems, issues of climate change, and sea level rise.  
How the structure impacts its environment currently and in the future.



The history a structure represents is a principle consideration HDG endeavors to
understand the design and construction principles of a bygone era.  It begins
with a study of the building’s purpose, the culture of the time, construction
practices and materials utilized, as well as how the building served its users.