Our commercial work encompasses all projects that serve within the public domain. Working with both private clientele and state agencies our commercial projects include corporate headquarters for banks and law offices, retail and business offices, museums, restaurants and pubs, schools and worship facilities.



Our residences depict our love of indigenous architecture. HDG has incorporated its own modern spin on the classic cracker and traditional farmhouse styles.


Master Planning

Our master planning is a major part of our process of design. Our many projects include parks and recreation areas, multi-office complexes, urban plazas, city parks, soccer complexes, as well as historical sites.


Interior Design

As a component of our architecture our staff bring years of experience to the creation of interior spaces. Our interior space renovations include restaurants, offices buildings, banks, and schools.



Our historical renovation and preservation work include 100+ year old churches, schools, railroad depots, museums, and old hotel/resort sites.



Municipal work encompasses any projects performed for the county, state, or any other governmental agency. Our municipal work encompasses interior and exterior renovations, ADA compliance studies and corrections, office space redesign, and recreational city parks.

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Meet Our Team...

Isaac Potter

CAD Technician

Sky Slayton

Architectural Intern

The Hammond Design Group (HDG) is an architectural / landscape architectural team of professionals based in Tallahassee, Florida.  HDG was founded by Bret Hammond in February 2000. Having worked at several differing firms; Bret was determined to establish a firm on the tenant of client involvement and a quality of product.

Our staff of design professionals range in expertise from architecture, landscape architecture and construction.


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