Read About HDG Architects’ Dynamic History

Steeped in a history of architectural excellence, Hammond Design Group Architects was born out of the shared vision and passion of co-founders Bret and Rhonda Hammond. Our inception in 2000 marked the beginning of the journey toward creating a hub of architectural innovation and design creativity in the Southeast design community.

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Our Vision

As a full-service design firm, our team is a diverse mix of talented architects and designers who harbors a genuine love for their craft. We approach each project with an infectious enthusiasm, coupled with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our vision is to create award-winning designs that are innovative and a true reflection of our client's vision and needs. Our design philosophy revolves around an inclusive and harmonious process. This process stems from a deep understanding of our client's requirements and a sensitivity toward the context of each project. We take immense pride in guiding projects from mere visualization to reality.

Our Mission

At Hammond Design Group Architects, we are driven by a mission to provide comprehensive architectural services through a collaborative team approach. We strive to consistently innovate and foster leaders in architecture and design. Our ultimate aspiration is to leave a lasting legacy of design excellence and creativity that inspires and influences future generations.

Our Core Values

Based on the provided information, the core values of Hammond Design Group Architects can be inferred as follows:

Client-Centric Approach: We place a strong emphasis on listening to clients, understanding their visions, and building projects based on solid relationships.

Positive Work Environment: We value creating a positive work environment for its employees, fostering a spirit of camaraderie, and allowing them to enjoy what they love, which is architecture and design.

Legacy of Design Excellence: We seek to establish a legacy of design excellence and creativity that will have a lasting impact on current and future generations.

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Meet the Team


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Bret D. Hammond, AIA, ASLA

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Rhonda S. Hammond, AIA


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To Our Valued Clients

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our clients for entrusting us with their dreams and allowing us to play a part in turning those dreams into reality. Their support and partnership are the cornerstones of our success, and we are dedicated to continuing this journey of creation, innovation, and design excellence with each new client we have the pleasure of working with. We look forward to building more memorable and extraordinary spaces together.