About Us

The Hammond Design Group (HDG) is an architectural / landscape architectural team of professionals based in Tallahassee, Florida.  HDG was founded by Bret Hammond in February 2000. Having worked at several differing firms; Bret was determined to establish a firm on the tenant of client involvement and a quality of product.

Our staff of design professionals range in expertise from architecture, landscape architecture and construction.

Bret worked as a landscape architect and served as adjunct professor at FAMU from 1984 until 1991 upon completion of his Master of Architecture. He then worked for several architectural firms in Tallahassee until starting his own office. During the first few years of the HDG firm Bret served as Florida Chapter President for the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Playing a pivotal role in keeping la’s licensed in the state of Florida by lobbying the Florida legislature.

During Rhonda’s tenure at a prior firm she gained essential guidance and experience that has proven a solid base for her work at HDG. She started entry level CAD drafting and worked her way into production management, roof inspecting, spec writing and construction administration.


The Hammond Design Group, LLC is a professional firm engaged in the practice of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning & desgin.  Bret D. Hammond established the firm in February 2000.  The firm was founded on the tenant of quality work and customer service.  Under Bret’s supervision the office has been involved in a number of private and public sector projects.

We strive to turn each client into a professional reference by providing quality architectural services and products specific to each of our client’s needs.  Our products are prepared and delivered utilizing superior design techniques, diagnostic analyses utilizing the latest technologies available and produced by trained professionals.  Our goal is to deliver these products on schedule at a competitive professional fee while exceeding our client’s goals and expectations.

We are experienced in all aspects of the planning, building, bidding and permitting process.  Upon determining the parameters of our client’s project we guide them through this process allowing them to make informed decisions.  Clear, consistent communication is key to this relationship.

What We Do And How We Do It

HDG believes in teamwork and collaboration which takes place in the office as well as around the client’s conference table.  Our firm is small and therefore communication is centralized the benefit here is that everyone working on the project remains updated throughout the project.  This also provides the principal to take a “hands-on” role in
every project.

Bret is the firm’s anchor and its liaison to the working public.  Rhonda does the day-to-day running of the office and keeps the projects and staff on target.

Our goal is to achieve the highest quality design within the parameters imposed by the client’s site, budget and schedule.  We are committed to providing through research, documentation, a refined design and the attention to detail that our clients deserve.  It is our belief that these tenants produce projects which meets the client’s needs architecturally, within budget on their schedule

HDG believes that each project is inherently unique to its site and governed by a program of its functions.  We begin the design process for each project by evaluating these features and identifying the controlling issues.  HDG follows the project process
established within the AIA standards which include:

  • Schematics

Schematic Design includes all site analysis and the general programming, and design of the building.  The design of the building takes into account the siting of the building in relationship to the natural features, sun orientation, and the surrounding context of the site.

  • Design Development

During the design development phase we begin to expand upon the “concepts” developed from schematics.  More attention is given to the overall building systems and interior finishes.

  • Construction Documents

Taking the decisions from the design development construction documents are produced.

  • Construction Administration

HDG monitors the construction process to insure compliance with construction documents, pricing, and scheduling.