Bret D. Hammond

Hammond Design Group, LLC – Architects

Interviewer: Shanelle Reese, Intern

How long have you’ve been employed at Hammond Design Group, LLC?

“Since February 14,2000” – Bret is the founding member of HGDA

Where did you receive your architecture degree from?

“I received my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) from the University of Florida and then I received my Master of Architecture (M-ARCH) from Florida A&M University.”

What influenced you to do architecture?

“I started off as a landscape architect and was always interested in site design and architecture. Before I graduated from UF, I had a professor approach me about continuing my education in architecture. Instead, I decided to go to Europe and spend time sketching and studying classic works of Architecture and Landscape Architectures. After Europe, I returned to the United States finished my BLA degree at UF and went to work in Orlando.  In 1986 I re-located, to Tallahassee ,and attended Florida A&M University, receiving my Masters in Architecture.”

What advice can you give an architecture student?

Spend more time studying and understanding classical design, architecture and the architectural masters, study the people who really made a mark in architecture and how they approached the design process”.  Learn to sketch it significantly improves your ability to quickly conceptualize ideas and thoughts

What is your favorite/most enjoyable project?

“The historic preservation projects I work on.”

What about architecture school was the hardest part?

“I didn’t find school difficult, it was time consuming to do it well. I enjoyed my studies both as a landscape architecture student and as an architecture student.”

What is your dream day at the office?

“I enjoy what I do.  The ability to solve new problems every day is something many people never get the opportunity to experience.  I encourage people to find their passion.  Some will pursue their passion as a career; some will have a career and pursue their passion as a hobby.  I had the opportunity to experience the former.”

How do you get through the day?

“I don’t have a real answer to this question; I have people who depend on me to complete tasks. Those tasks are the work I chose as a profession.  I have a responsibility to this office and our clients that require my attention.”

How do you like your coffee?


Do you come here often?

“YES. Far too often!”

What best describes your work ethic?

Work is something that I have always done. I have a responsibility to my family, the office and our client. Most people understand the commitment to family, which is a chosen obligation to provide and make the family function.  The office becomes an extended family, where you become responsible for those people and interactions within the office environment.  Your clients are a little different, but many of the people I have had the opportunity to work with, have become friends.  These people entrust their project to you because they have confidence in your abilities.  That requires a duty to perform and assist in designing their project or solving their design problem