Gamble Roger State Park

Flagler Beach, Florida

This project was construction complete in September 2010. The Hammond Design Group, LLC was contracted to design over 10,000 square feet of ADA Compliant Dune Cross Ramps and Whale Watching Overlooks.  The project consisted of 4 Whale Watching overlook stations and 2 ADA compliant Dune Cross Over Ramps with associated Whale Watching Overlooks.  The main ramp servicing the public parking lot was designed to carry emergency vehicular traffic. At this time the project links the automobile parking lot to the public beach and provides areas to observe the whale migrating during the spring of each year. Additional design and construction constraints were that construction could only occur from March to September to avoid disrupting nesting sea turtles.

Project Year: 2009-2010

Project Cost: $182,602