DOC Breakroom

Tallahassee, Florida

HDG was contracted to redesign the existing break room area into a “mini market” type. This would give the building users many options regarding drinks and snacks for break time. The existing area of approximately 1,411 square feet consists of an open area with several soda and snack vending machines with tables and chairs. The new design will provide an area for the “market” that includes vending for drinks, and self-service, prepackaged food & beverages, chips and candy display shelving. The area will also provide coffee and ice machines as well as microwave ovens with counter-top area for preparing your food or drink. Self-pay kiosks were also provided. This vending area will be closed during the evening and weekends. The outer area will be equipped with new table and chairs. There will be wall mounted TV locations for viewing during breaks. New bar height counter-tops will be provided at corridor side walls. The finishes include vinyl laminate flooring, stainless steel counter-tops, new cabinetry, painted gypsum walls and suspended acoustical tiles and LED lighting. Accent walls with vibrant colors are planned at bar height counters and at TV wall. Reclaimed wood accents are also planned for TV wall.