After some inspiration from Pinterest, we decided to create a DIY blog! It all started with a blank wall and table top in the office that was becoming a cluttered mess.
We decided to design something functional to help organize the space.




































Supply List

1 – 4’ x 8’ @ ¼” Plywood

5 – 8’ x ¾” Wood Trim

1 – 24” x 36” Post it Dry Erase Surface

Chalk Paint

2 – 18” x 18” Cork Board or Cork Roll

Wood Glue

Wood Stain

Spray Adhesive

Picture Hanging Hardware



Chop Saw

Circular Saw

Jig Saw

Brad Nailer

Safety Glasses

We started with sketching the wall with ideas on how to organize the work space. We then decided on a white board (for a calendar), a chalk board (for daily tasks), a cork board (to hang reminders), and 4 file boxes (for inboxes). This is the final layout we came up with.

















First cut the plywood into (2) 4’ x 4’ pieces, so it is easier to handle and then draw the outlines of each piece. (We had access to a table saw to cut in half) On the first piece of plywood we outlined the chalk board and half of the file cabinet. On the second piece of plywood we outlined both the cork boards, the white board, and the other part of the file cabinet.















































Next, cut out the back of the File Organizer, once again we used a table saw.  Then cut out the sides using a jig saw, and then the front panels. Cut the trim (we used a chop saw to cut at a 45 degree angle) and then attach to the front and back panels using a brad nailer. To finish it we applied stain. (We used this really nice and simple DIY wall file organizer we found on Pinterest)


















































Next, we went to work on the White Board. (We used the circular saw)  After we cut it out we used the spray adhesive to stick the Post-it Dry Erase Surface on the plywood. Then use the Brad Nailer to add the trim.

































Next cut the two cork boards out, using the circular saw. Use spray adhesive to attach the cork boards to the plywood. Stain the trim and then attach to plywood with brad nailer. (We added two layers of cork)

































Lastly, we cut out the chalk board with the circular saw. Remember to wipe down the plywood so it is clean before painting it with the chalk paint. (We added 3 layers of paint for a smoother surface) Then used a brad nailer to attach trim.

































For hanging we used this Picture Hanging Hardware from Home Depot.














Final Product