Tis the time of year when wreaths are in, but the stores try to sell them for an arm and a leg. Hammond Design Group wants to show our readers how to create their dream wreath for only $20 (with some assistance from coupons). Below you will find pictures of our quick steps and also a video link from YouTube that we found very helpful.

When we purchased all of our materials Michaels had a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase and a 50% off a single item. They also will typically have coupons for a 20% off one item. Either way coupons are reliable available on their website.


Shopping list:

  1. GRAPE VINE WREATH $18.99 (We used a 50% off Coupon)


  1. Fabric of your choice, but try to find the fabric that has a similar texture to burlap. $3 – $6



  1. Pipe Cleaners $7.99 (we got these on sale for $4)


  1. Fake flowers (not needed but if you want this would be a nice addition) $3-$8
  2. Wreath hanger


  1. Scissors or X-ACTO Knife
  2. Ruler
  3. Cutting Board
  4. Hot Glue gun and Hot glue sticks

Step One:

Cut the ribbon 10” long. (We ended up using 3 rolls of ribbon)

Step Two:

Twist the Pipe cleaners to the wreath. Do this every 2”-3”. We recommend you use brown or beige, so the pipe cleaners match your wreath. (We did not remember to take a picture of this step, but the YouTube video will show you)

Step Three:

Fold the ribbon a back and forth, creating little bow ties. Use two pieces of ribbon per pipe cleaner. Make sure the ribbon is securely twisted inside the pipe cleaner.




Step Four:

Spread out ribbon so it looks full. Continue this pattern around the wreath until you get the desired look that you want.


Step Five:

Add flowers and hang wreath on wreath hanger. (Use the hot glue gun to add the flowers.)




YOUTUBE VIDO LINK FOR EXTRA HELP (https://www.hometalk.com/31306369/grapevine-burlap-wreath?expand_all_questions=1)