Beginning My Journey to Sustainability

Born in the waning years of the Baby Boom and growing up during the oil embargo of the 1970’s; I witnessed the long lines at the gas pumps and instances of the subsequent violence stemming from the fear. So, if asked I would have told you that transportation was the sector that consumed the largest amount of energy […]

What Is Sustainability And Why Does It Matter?

What is sustainability? Why does it matter? Over the course of the next few weeks we will explore the definitions and principles of sustainability, the difference between green building and sustainability and explore the rating systems of sustainable buildings. This series of blog posts coincide with my course work for a Master’s in Sustainable Design at University […]

4 Questions to Ask Your Tallahassee Architect about Green Building Products

Green building and sustainability are keywords you probably hear on a weekly basis. Journalists look into the sustainable practices of corporations, cities create communities based on the principles of green living and architects like us embrace the opportunity to design buildings and living spaces that preserve and protect natural resources. We want to empower all member of […]