4 Questions to Ask Your Tallahassee Architect about Green Building Products

Green building and¬†sustainability¬†are keywords you probably hear on a weekly basis. Journalists look into the sustainable practices of corporations, cities create communities based on the principles of green living and architects like us embrace the opportunity to design buildings and living spaces that preserve and protect natural resources. We want to empower all member of […]

Pros & Cons of an Open Office Floor Plan + the Pod Alternative

o there are very valid pros and cons to an open office floor plan. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? You can with the Pod alternative! The Pod concept is the idea that you have small group of teams working together in an area...say 6-8 people sharing a large office space with private desk but minimal walls or use of cubicles. The pods are all offshoots of a central open space. The central space is great for large group meetings, open lunches and other times when the whole company or many teams come together.