Beginning My Journey to Sustainability

Born in the waning years of the Baby Boom and growing up during the oil embargo of the 1970’s; I witnessed the long lines at the gas pumps and instances of the subsequent violence stemming from the fear. So, if asked I would have told you that transportation was the sector that consumed the largest amount of energy […]

Catch Up On the Latest Tools and Design Resources On Your Favorite Social Network

If you are thinking about building a new office, undertaking a commercial build out or remodeling your home, you want access to information when it is convenient for your schedule…that may not be between 9am and 5pm. That’s why we have continued to put a focus on sharing our knowledge with you through this website […]

Hammond Design Group and Architects Student Build with Habitat for Humanity!

I have the distinct honor and please of working with ITT students pursuing their degrees in Architecture, design and similarly related fields. Every week I work in the classroom to inspire design and teach the principals needed to become a great architect. Among the “surprises” of working with students – other than the incredible amounts […]