5 Benefits of Designing Your Office With A Commercial Architect in Tallahassee

When designing a new office or planning a build out, it is tempting to go for an easy quick-fix solution. There are, however, several advantages to asking a commercial architect to deal with the project at hand. The top five advantages of using these professionals consist of their expertise in the following areas:

1. A Commercial Architect Knows the Tiny Steps and the Big Picture

After your initial consultation – during which the architect will determine the specifics of your requirements and define the features, functionality, purpose and scope of the project – they will first of all draw up a set of schematics, or preliminary drawings. Able to see each tiny step required to achieve the final project – the big picture – they will gradually produce additional, more and more detailed drawings and written specifications. Essentially, as each design phase is completed, they will develop a more refined, viable and clearly understandable vision of the project.

2. A Commercial Architect Handles the Essential Paperwork

Designing your office involves a vast knowledge of varying construction techniques, building materials and so on required to comply with a multitude of building codes and structural demands. A skilled architect will have this knowledge, be able to find ways of solving potential structural problems and prepare the majority of the documentation required to obtain all necessary building permits.

3. A Commercial Architect Coordinates all Contractors

Your architect understands the project better than anyone else, making them the perfect individual to coordinate varying construction professionals before work commences. They may, for example, arrange pre-construction meetings with HVAC mechanics and/or structural engineers to discuss the details of the design, answer potential questions and make sure everyone involved knows what needs doing when – and how to do it. Should problems arise, the plan is at hand to check at which stage the project should now be and he/ she will devise a suitable solution without compromising your budget, design or requirements.

4. A Commercial Architect Oversees the Entire Job

If required, they will oversee the actual construction of your office, rather than just designing it. In this case they will hire suitable contractors, devise work schedules and confirm that all work is being done according to plan and on time.

5. A Commercial Architect Ensures Energy Efficiency

Increasing numbers of commercial architects design offices that are environmentally sensitive. In other words, the designed properties are sustainable, long lasting, low in energy consumption and will ultimately save you money. You can learn more about green building and sustainability in our recent blog post: 4 Questions to Ask Your Architect about Green Building Products.

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