Angelo's Restaurant - Architecture Services by Hammond Design Group


Combines the art and science of planning, designing, and constructing forms and spaces that reflect physical, contextual, functional, social and aesthetic considerations. These aspects are present in both renovation and new construction.

Landscape Architecture and Design by Hammond Design Group

Landscape Architecture

Is the connection between the built structure and its environment. HDG carefully considers the form itself along with social, ecological and geological conditions as the project is connected to its environment. These conditions include utilities, access, traffic, storm water, landscaping and parking.

Cornerstone Leaning Community - Planning Services by Hammond Design Group


Planning takes several forms dependent on project; but always includes a comprehensive review of all aspects of project past, present and future. The plan provides a road map of where you are, where you want to go and includes any side trips that may be necessary.

Interior Design Services in Tallahassee by Hammond Design Group

Interior Design

As a component of our architecture our staff bring years of experience to creation of interior spaces. Through manipulation of color, light, shadow and texture. We strive to provide space that is conducive to function and needs of the projects.

Construction Administration by Hammond Design Group

Construction Administration

In providing construction administration services we monitor each project to assure compliance with the design and to current building codes, acting as an agent for the client.

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