9 Questions To Ask Your Architect Before You Begin A Commercial Build- Out

Thinking about undertaking a commercial build out? Choosing the right architect can make your project much easier as they will guide you through the process and can even manage the permitting and construction administration. A commercial build-out is a huge financial commitment and you want the end result to be just right. Here are 9 questions to ask your architect before you being a commercial build-out:

  1. What kind of insurance do you carry?
    • An under insured professional can cause a financial disaster. Check your state’s minimum requirements for licensed architects and go with someone who carries more than the minimum.
  2. May I speak to your colleagues?
    • Don’t neglect the role of people skills; disgruntled subcontractors can quickly kill a project. Find an architect who is respected as professional, fair, and polite.
  3. Do you have a portfolio of recent works I can look at?
    • As a business leader, you’ll want to make sure your architect can help you maintain your brand equity. A book of past projects or an online portfolio can help you evaluate the architect’s skills and design work.
  4. Why did you choose this scheme / finish / solution?
    • When looking at the portfolio mentioned above, ask specific questions about pictures. This gives you more information about how your candidate makes decisions.
  5. How do you define quality when it comes to X?
    • A building professional should use quality materials, especially when it comes to commercial build-outs. Going cheap will cost; do some research for yourself. When you know what is quality, you’ll be able to tell if your candidate has good standards.
  6. Can you provide references from past clients?
    • No human resources professional worth her salt hires a new employee without checking references. When you’re looking for a business building professional, you’re hiring someone. Make a few calls and evaluate his or her work history.
  7. Do you provide digital or physical models?
    • For those not in the business, it can be hard to visualize a final result from blueprints. Ask for physical or digital models. With modern technology you can move beyond basic blueprints and into 3-D models to help you visualize your project.
  8. What is the timeline for my project and what guarantees do you offer?
    • A commercial build-out, especially if you’re disrupting your work space, is a major project. You want to be able to plan around the disruption. Make sure you know what the timeline is and what the architect will do if he or she goes over schedule.
  9. Do you specialize in commercial builds?
    • There’s a huge difference between home and commercial builds. There are different permits required and different legal standards that must be met. Choose someone who specializes in commercial builds. Again, make sure to see their portfolio of work to make sure they are familiar with the process.

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